What Vibe Are You Giving Out Through Your Content

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We’re humans and we feel. You know that feeling when you’re around someone and without much effort, it feels very comfortable just being around that person? Nothing feels forced. Everything just feels right.

You won’t get that from everybody though, but the people you get that feeling from, you try to keep being around them.

I see content creation as leaving bits of yourself on the internet and waiting for people who find that same comfort I explained above to come to you. Many times you don’t need to put any focus on anything other than showing up when you don’t feel like.

People will come to you when they feel something. When they feel like they can relate to what you’re saying.

People can tell when you’re not authentic, just as it is when you speak to someone and it feels like that person is being fake. In those cases, you hold back and not want to hang with that person anymore.

Being successful as a content creator is as basic as being yourself long enough. The more succinct definition of that statement is “find your niche”

A niche is basically sticking to something that feels natural to you. Where people will generally accept you because they can see that you’re genuinely interested and invested in a topic.

But how your audience will feel if you keep switching niches everytime? Many people will be repulsed and go elsewhere because of your insincerity.

Being yourself and telling your story is how you get people to connect with you. We’re here to connect with people through our content. Do, it long enough, and you’ll get there (I’m still trying to get there myself)

I feel like I’m talking too much myself and have added too much fluff. But you get my point though

Thank you for reading

Deconstructing social dynamics, psychology, and faith. tochukwuokoro.com

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Tochukwu E. Okoro

Tochukwu E. Okoro

Deconstructing social dynamics, psychology, and faith. tochukwuokoro.com

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