The Singing Butterfly

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Butterflies symbolize beauty, life, and hope. And this is all you.

Your smile. Your wisdom. Your eyes. Your heart. Your talent. They all come together to preach this message.

You have this gift to make everyone you come across better. You bring life to everything you touch. And like a butterfly, watching you exist gives me a sense of calm like I’ve never seen.

The words to describe you with are so many.

But I’ll try.

I’ll start with your eyes. It’s hard to stare into them without getting lost in awe. I’m yet to experience anything as appealing as how they sparkle when you laugh.

Your face. I don’t think there’s anyone with proper eyesight who can see you and not give a second look. I often struggle to look away when you laugh, and your cheeks touch your ears. It inspires me to keep making more dry jokes.

Your heart. This is my favorite thing about you. You keep showing how much of a gift you are to everyone you meet. You’re a blessing, and I’m sure everything you hope for will come to pass. Because you deserve all the good things, earth and heaven have to offer.

Somehow you always manage to create beautiful sounds that bring life to everyone who cares to listen. Plus those heavenly frequencies you create that hit like a drug.

You’re a year older today, and I wish you everything good. You’re one of those people I’m sure will do amazing things in this world. And I’m excited about what’s in store for you.

Keep growing in faith. Keep that smile wide. Keep those eyes sparkling. Keep your heart pure. Keep being talented. And keep that your inner child alive that effortlessly warms everyone’s hearts.

You’re the best. Happy birthday, G.



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