How to Never Run Out of Quality Ideas for Your Personal Content

It can be quite tricky coming up with your content for your blog, newsletter, podcast, or wherever. It is essential to create your content to attract clients or become a thought leader in your niche.

Many writers get it wrong because they focus on their client’s work without growing their personal brand. Your personal brand is instrumental in getting you better paying clients and putting your content in the eyes of a bigger audience.

But it can be difficult. I publish my newsletter on Thursdays, and sometimes, coming up with ideas is very tasking, but I’ve learned some tricks to get content ideas, and it works. That’s why I made this post.

Understand that we are all Unique

We are all different people, we have different opinions, and point of views, that’s like the first thing to take note of when trying to come up with content for our personal projects, you don’t have to come up with something entirely new, you just have to explain it in your own words.

It’s like your readers want to hear what you have to say about a particular topic. They know that the issue is not new, so you shouldn’t worry if they have seen it from somewhere else, you should just give your opinion on the topic.

The good thing about this is before you’re done putting out what you have to say, you would see that whatever you have out down in your drafts would start to make sense.

Increase Your Exposure

Everybody is on the internet. Ok, almost everybody. But what I mean is that there are different communities to get ideas from. Don’t limit yourself to one website or publication. Many conversations are going on that you can benefit from.

I use podcasts and Quora to get content ideas. Quora is an excellent resource for content ideas. There are people always looking for solutions to problems through questions. Content is made to solve problems, and people come to Quora with problems in form of questions. Do you see where I’m headed?

Remember what I said about everyone being unique? Even if it’s a popular topic that everybody has spoken about, it shouldn’t stop you from making your contribution.

Read books, watch videos on YouTube, listen to podcasts. The more you consume content like this, the easier it is for your subconscious to come up with ideas. See it as a system — more input leads to more output.

Jot down your Ideas

Our minds are always working. What I do when I get ideas is, I play with the idea in my mind for a while and try to develop on them. Sort of an incubation period. Then as they become weighty, I write them down.

Other times, when they come, and I’m with a note or working on my laptop, I start to develop them immediately and store them in a folder. I have a folder for content ideas, so when I need to create content, I just go through them and develop them further.

If you don’t jot your ideas down, they will leave.

Give your Ideas Time

My idea folder has made me realize that some of the ideas and scribbles I make are trash. But when I was writing them, they looked golden, after some days when I looked at them logically, they don’t make sense to me anymore.

It happens all the time. This is what defines the quality of your work. Everyone needs a process. You shouldn’t publish an idea that comes to you immediately. It’s best to give it time to make sense logically.

A day or two is best.

Tell your Story

What keeps you in people’s minds is your story. When you tell them your story, it creates a connection between both of you.

I got familiar with Nicolas Cole because he was famous for telling his stories. He talks freely about his accomplishments, struggles, and how he got to where he is. If he didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have known him.

Even rappers do it. They talk about their lives and struggles in their music, use JCole as an example. Most of his songs are in the form of stories.

The best things have underlying stories because people relate to stories better. I used to struggle with telling my story and using myself as an example when I write, but I figured out that there’s nothing there. There’s no harm in it.

Once you can get over the fear “what will people think” and you can comfortably tell your story in your article, creating content would be a lot easier because there are lots of stories to tell.

Go through your Previous Content

There are some points in your articles that you can expand on to form a new piece. You shouldn’t just abandon your old articles like that. It still has useful information.

I’ve seen some blogs that they rewrite and republish their old content. It’s your content, so you can do whatever you want with them.

You can choose to redirect or restructure your old content to make it look like a brand-new content. Many people in the content creation scene do it, so don’t be scared to give your old content a new look.

There are still many ways to get content ideas, but these ones listed work for me.

Thank you for Reading!

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