Everyone Is Getting Bullied

Photo by Yuan Wu on Unsplash

It’s like everyone is afraid to speak up for fear of getting canceled. There’s so much madness today. And anyone who speaks up against this obvious madness gets painted badly by the people practicing it.

They take away your source of livelihood and have the people you do business with close their doors to you simply because you spoke against the obvious truth.

This silencing has caused an increased indecency in our society. Young children are being brainwashed and starting to see this insanity as the norm. Most people have begun to rationalize this madness because of how rampant it has become.

And it’s like you have to choose between telling the truth and being blacklisted by the media or the corporations you work for.

I find it disheartening to think about how this madness has sipped deep into our society. Where it’s no longer safe to send your children to schools because of the evil socialization and agendas being passed on by these people.

It looks like a plot to ruin society. It looks like a plan to turn the human race into a joke — Which we can see clearly from how absurd most bills are. How people now think. And how the truth has become so offensive.

Society is collapsing before our eyes. And it signals the end…The end of mainstream sanity and the beginning of a new society with ridiculous socialization.

But it’s up to you — you who is still rational — to protect your family and loved ones from this mental virus the system has accepted and is forcing down everyone’s throats. It’s up to you to be independent of this system, so you can stand up for what you believe in without fear of being cut off.



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Tochukwu Evans Okoro

Tochukwu Evans Okoro

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