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These are the 3 areas you should focus on

I started using Linkedin seriously January this year, and the growth I’ve experienced since then has been really impressive. People have reached out to me for writing gigs, I got hired by two Copywriting agencies to join their team, and I got a $1000 monthly retainer from a client — all in 5 months.

It all happened because I took the platform seriously and improved my engagement on the platform.

Here are some strategies that helped me and would also help you.

Create Consistent Value

No matter the platform you use, to gain attention, you have to see value creation as a norm…

There are a lot of questions here

Photo by Liene Geidane on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why we wake up in the morning and try to think of a plan for the day?

As crazy as this might seem, routines keep us stay sane. It’s like we need to have specific times to do particular things as they keep us organized and save us from anxiety.

Think about it a bit.

How is it that when we get used to schedules, and for some reason, we break them? How come we feel miserable?

How come the most productive people enjoy setting times for particular things and can’t just wing things?

Imagine if…

And you must learn

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Life is a school. Your experiences are the teachers, and you either pass or repeat the class.

It’s easy to take our experiences for granted. It’s like, if you don’t take care, you’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over and remaining stuck in the same situation every time.

What’s crazy is, because we are human beings, it’s easier to up and blame the next person when your plans don’t succeed. Or fold, and jump on something else. When in reality, you were just meant to learn something from that experience.

Some people grow, while others stagnate. It’s unfair…

Look around you

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

In one of the most challenging times I’ve been in, I actually looked back and can see all the progress I’ve made.

I wasn’t the same person I was 365 days ago. I’ve improved in all aspects, but it’s easier to focus on what’s missing than what you actually have. Today, I look around me, and I see how blessed I am.

It’s a joy to watch how much I’m growing, and I’m thankful for everything going on.

I call it the hardest thing you can do because it’s not easy to just stop and look for the good things…

Yes, I said it

Photo by Creative Hina By.Quileen on Unsplash

There’s the need for constant stimulation through movies, music, books, or whatever. I noticed a pattern in myself and in others, which I’m a little worried about.

Some days back, I was eating at a restaurant in school, and using Twitter. I dropped my phone for a bit, and noticed how everyone was doing the same thing — using their phones and eating.

I noticed that even before I took the first spoon, I had to find something interesting to watch on Youtube or Instagram. It got me questioning why it’s so hard to just remain still.

To answer this…

Is there an escape?

Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi on Unsplash

Thinking about it, it feels like slavery and oppression have always been part of our nature. And even after mainstream slavery ended, there have still been different forms of slavery. There’s no difference between civilized society and the jungle because it’s all a relationship characterized by the “eat or be eaten” syndrome. If you don’t dominate, you will be dominated. It’s like we’re all trying to outsmart the next person. It’s who we are.

Let me explain.

Think back to the Feudal times; the oppression was between the lords and vassals, where the lords gave the vassals their land to…

Do you think you’re winning?

Photo by Keren Fedida on Unsplash

If you don’t see it, then you’ve already lost the war. Every day, you either choose to fight or sit back, losing.

We fight different things every day. We wrestle with our minds to not let negativity seep in. We fight with our bodies to keep up with the routines we’re meant to keep up with. We fight with our eyes not to look at things on the internet that will throw our stillness off balance.

It’s crazy because even the tiniest snooze — if continued — can heavily affect our future. Think about how even the tiniest poison in…

The need for the simplistic

Photo by serjan midili on Unsplash

In trying to describe man’s unceasing quest for more, Henry David Thoreau said: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” And this had me contemplating if I, too, fall short of this.

Quiet desperation touches on how insatiable our wants and needs as human beings are. We move from one desire to another, without an end in sight.

We want a new house; we get it, the high wears off, and we go to the next want. We travel to a new country, and after we’re done with the experience, we want another place. And it’s like no…

Just saying though

Photo by hessam nabavi on Unsplash

Can you remember what you did before you wrote that article, recorded that podcast, or made that design that gathered got so much attention? And have you tried to replicate exactly what you did to make it happen again? Any luck?

“Man is a thinking reed.” D.T Sizuki said, “His great works are done when he’s not calculating or thinking.”

The best sportsmen let their instincts guide them. Think back to the greatest moments in sports history. How, in a split second, fates get decided. …

Don’t be mistaken

Photo by Marcelo Marques on Unsplash

I’ve said it too: “Trust yourself, and you’ll be fine,” but I now see how dangerous it is. We’re human beings who are influenced by many things.

If trusting only ourselves were enough, then man won’t make any mistakes. No one will get offended by your actions. You won’t lose deals. You won’t get into the wrong relationships. And you won’t buy that shirt you thought would look good on you that you ended up hating.

There are so many products in the market you have no business buying, but because some Copywriter triggered the right emotion in you, you…

Tochukwu E. Okoro

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