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Creatives are the ones who make our lives interesting. They ensure that there’s always something fresh right in our faces.

And it’s very crucial to all of us because why shouldn’t we live interesting lives?

What’s the advice every creative should know?

Create without worrying.

Just listen to what your mind has to stay, and that’s when those unique ideas spring up.

Thank you for reading.

Then my mind does its thing

This happens to me a lot, but I still try to put something out because I’m teaching myself to better create and write content consistently.

It’s a long journey that demands my everyday dedication in which, if I relent, would have me losing out on the things I’m supposed to be gaining. It’s interesting when I don’t have something to say, but I come here to type, and it’s like my brain takes the mantle and starts creating for me.

It shows how much power our brain has when we actually put it to work. But you won’t notice any…

Note to self

When you achieve a little success, it can be tempting to just keep doing the same things and putting in the same efforts and keep getting the same results.

It’s really a trap.

Because once you start to get comfortable you’re likely to lose that hunger in you that has been pushing you to go forward and innovate.

But staying hungry is the opposite. You’d want to do more. You’d want to keep learning. And this is when amazing growth happens. When you start to challenge yourself and focus less on what you have achieved and more on what is there to achieve in the future.

My point is, if you can put your past successes aside and take every day like that hungry person from the beginning, you’d be amazed at what’s to come.

Thank you for reading

It all boils down to this

There are going to be issues on the way. Bad days and weeks that make you question it all, but what actually keeps you going is if you really enjoy what you’re doing.

I like to say the journey is hard because honestly it really is. But you can only keep going through all the hardship if you’re in it for the right reasons, and not what the media has sold to you.

The media has made lots of promises to us. …

Negatively and Positively

This should excite you and should scare you too. Just as our age increases, that’s how things in our lives increase too.

Things increase in both directions. And as time passes, we become more of who we are and what we do every day. If you’re someone who gets worried a lot, you’ll have more reasons to worry.

If you’re someone who loves to give, you’ll have more reasons to give. Someone who procrastinates? You’ll have more reasons to do the same thing too.

It applies to almost everything

I remember sometime last month when I had to a client’s…

You’ve heard these before

The internet is like a screen that shows what we choose to put out. And when you see how much people have achieved in their respective journeys, you get anxious and wonder what’s causing your delay and why you haven’t gotten to that level.

It can be quite stressful thinking about how much you’ve progressed when everyone you see seems to be several steps ahead of you.

But as you already know, and you’ve heard several times, we’re all on different paths. Some people started going at it long before you even got the idea, so you shouldn't be worried…

The body and the spirit in it

We’re just spirits trapped in clay. And it seems like the more we live, the more our bodies try to keep our spirits in.

It becomes more careful, so we don’t let it go. It shows us more ways to preserve it so that we can live longer in it. We spend years living healthy, eating right, and doing everything possible so it doesn’t wear off.

Maybe because it doesn’t want to be left alone, and for some reason, has bonded so deeply with this clay, it does everything it can to keep it around.

Or could it be that…

Life is suffering

Chasing happiness is like trying to catch the wind.

Has anyone ever caught wind in their pocket and taken it home?

Happiness is great, but if that’s your focus, you may never find peace. Because, in a way, people chasing happiness are just looking for peace. But then, in the process of chasing this happiness, they do things that will be detrimental to their peace in the long term.

I’m going to ask you this: What will you really learn if all you did was go for the things that give you instant comfort?

We learn the most when we’re…

What value do you bring to the table?

Networking? Everyone wants to network, but although networking is great, you shouldn’t network if you don’t have any value. Because the basis of our human interaction is, give and take. We connect with people so that we can get something, and if that person is not giving us a favorable return, we move on — it goes beyond physical returns

However, you might choose to see it; this is what human interaction is.

Now, imagine attending a meet-up, and all you claim to be a content creator, without having done anything, people might exchange contacts with you, but you may…

Or anyone else

What I do is tell you about myself — which you too can do if you’re willing to create. We all have something in us worth sharing, so there’s really no point in reading every post that comes your way.

It’s all a bunch of people’s stories. You should be too busy with your life to want to know what’s going on in everyone’s mind.

You don’t need any motivation. You just need to sit down (or stand up, whatever) and do the work. It’s as simple as that.

Thank you for reading.

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