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People are watching, constantly

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This is bigger than just you. This is how I see blogging here. It’s very humbling when people reach out to me telling me about how something I said helped them in some way. It makes me see that these things I write here; people actually see value in it, so I have to show up continuously.

I see content creation on the internet like going for a walk. Although everyone might not see you, there are still a certain number of people who will notice your presence, and if you stay outside long enough, you’ll cause them to react.

Don’t believe everything you read.

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Yes, the benefits are there. When you hear about the benefits, it can be very appealing to buy whatever they’re selling, so you can wake up days later making millions of dollars. This is what many people think. Although it might seem rather extreme, but many people think all of these things happen overnight. To be fair, I was people.

One thing I’ve learned as a freelancer is that success doesn’t happen as quickly as you might think. You may start to see results at some point, but things don’t appear as they’re sold — at least not, immediately.


3 steps to follow

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It’s no news that as a new freelance writer, you should start your career on freelance platforms because it’s easier to get work there. And although you get lesser pay, you get frequent work and get better at your craft, which is important.

There are several angles to look at in terms of the benefits of using freelance platforms in your early stages. The first is the confidence you get in your abilities.

Because more clients look for jobs on these platforms, and you get to find work more often, which makes you learn more about your craft because of…

Listen a bit

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I think I’m going crazy because I got the idea of this article listening to water from the tap drip. I didn’t close the tap properly, and those tiny drops kept echoing.

At first, it made me feel uneasy, but I found something I was going to write about in the process.

I’m going to use myself as an example. Some time ago, I decided to write something everyday, because I heard it helps you improve your writing. So, I set out on the quest to write every day to improve my writing. …

Your growth happens when you teach

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As a blogger, you must have a newsletter. I’ve heard people make excuses like I’m just starting and what’s the point, etc. But really, all these excuses aren’t enough to stop you.

For example, my newsletter just stands as a means to share what I’ve learned with a more concentrated crowd. And I’ll be honest with you; it has been really beneficial to me.

We’re all growing, and if nothing is pushing our growth, we’ll be stunted. You don’t want that do you?

I made a post sometime last month about how you’re simply robbing people off of the benefits…

The battle between the mind and body

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I’m in a constant battle between my body and mind regarding finishing the projects I had set out for the day.

Our bodies are like children. And children need discipline. If you leave a child alone without any adult supervision, it will likely cause serious havoc.

This analogy works for our minds and bodies as well. You will agree with me that there are times you tell yourself you won’t do something or go to a particular place, and somehow, you find yourself doing that same thing or visiting those places.

It’s the mind/body situation we’re talking about.

I read…

The soft skill you need

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I’ve engineered some of my pay raises through working on things I had little knowledge of. And I believe one soft skill necessary to becoming successful in freelancing is learning quickly.

What would you do when an existing client, who trusts your work comes to you with something you don’t know, but’s around your industry. Do you say you don’t know or actually tell her you can do your research and figure it out?

I remember when I wrote my first website copy a long while back. Before then, I was only used to writing blog posts and emails. And…

I’m sharing my thoughts again.

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One time, I was in a cab and was looking out the window and saw everyone going about their business — people who I didn’t know existed before then and may not give a second thought about ever.

Then the title of this particular article hit me: How everyone has a story in them that we’re completely ignorant of.

As humans, we’re so wrapped up in our own drama that we don’t remember that every one too, has something they’re thinking of. …

The black hole dilemma

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We pick up so many things subconsciously, and these things define who we are and how far we go. It’s crazy how when I stay around people for a certain period; I pick up somethings they do.

It’s creepy, but that’s life. We’re like black holes that draw in everything.

But only we have the ability to see those things and reject them through unlearning. This is why self-reflection is important. Because when you can look into yourself and see all these patterns forming, dropping them becomes easier, compared to not noticing at all.

Again, not everyone knows how to…

How to point out potentially frustrating clients

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One phase as a freelancer is barely getting clients; another is having to pick the clients you work for because you have too much.

Some clients are best to keep at a distance because of how frustrating they can be. And learning to identify these potentially frustrating clients is one thing we should all learn.

You’d find out that it’s not everyone you should work with because it’s not all of them who will treat your work with respect.

I saw a tweet that compared a $500 monthly client to a $5000 client. It was funny because the $500 client…

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