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Going through the trial and error phase

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Your purpose starts with what you’re good at. Because you cannot thrive with something, you don’t know.

Finding what you’re good at could be easy — if you’re ready to search for it. But in the process, you’ll find out things you’re not so good at.

It’s the frustrating but highly beneficial trial and error phase that we all have to go through.

I see no reason why you should go through that phase and still jump on something else because you’re seeing everyone else making money from it.

If that’s your inspiration, you’ll keep struggling. And one thing you should understand is you cannot fulfill your purpose by doing something you hate or are not actually good at. …

There’s no hurry

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I’ve learned to put things in different perspectives when I start to get anxious, especially with my Medium content. Sometimes, I lose morale when I see how slow it’s growing, and then I feel like just quitting it altogether, but the rational part of my brain gets to work.

When I start to look at things in years rather than weeks or months, I start to calm down. Nobody ever got it right in their first year. It was bumpy for everyone, so why do I feel like my case will be different? …

Be a Giver

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One way or the other, we all seek fulfillment. And getting fulfillment from your craft happens when you’re seeing how it positively affects the next person.

We’re like mirrors that receive what we give. If we’re able to make the next person’s life good, we, too, will feel good. It’s that simple.

The fact that people consume your content already puts you in the position of being a light to people. Sometimes, I write and it feels like would people even listen to what I’ve said? …

But should that bother you?

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I learn new things every day from the content I create and as the topic says, people will always interpret your content with their own understanding even if you’re as clear as possible.

This is normal because we all have our unique perspectives and backgrounds, so you have to really look at things from one person’s point of view to actually see why they’ve chosen to interpret things the way they did.

But it shouldn’t stop you from creating content consistently because there are always two sides to things.

There are people who will see you in a bad light and people who will see you in a better light than you could ever imagine. …

This is how you lead

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How does it feel when everything in you keeps telling you to do something, and because of something someone said, you did something else?

How does it feel?

Or when things don’t go as well as you wished for, and you couldn’t help but blame yourself for not following your intuitions.

It can be annoying; I know the feeling.

I understood that most of the time, all we need to do is listen to our intuitions, especially when it comes to things we want to do. A great example is your career.

Your mind knows what you can do. It keeps telling you, but not everyone is willing to take their it seriously. What’s even worse is when we don’t know what our mind has to say in particular situations. …

It saves them stress.

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Your clients are humans like you. And like you, they don’t like stress. And one very stressful aspect in business is searching for good/competent talent to move their business up.

As a freelancer, you should give yourself more respect because a reliable freelancer is an asset to any client. Nobody wants someone who doesn’t deliver. Or keeps delivering low quality work.

These clients want someone they can count on. And if you can make that person you, you’ll become your clients’ favorites and never run out of new opportunities.

Yes, it’s important to market yourself, but what’s better is the quality of work you produce for your client on a steady basis. …

Or are you still thinking?

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I’ve been blogging on this platform consistently for over a year now, and even though I don’t post every day, I write drafts every day and publish them in batches.

If you ask anyone who hasn’t started blogging to write every day, you will most likely hear an excuse like, “what will I say?”

This is quite common because you’ve not opened your minds to the world around you. There’s so much value in everyone. All you have to do is ask the right questions and connect the dots.

Sometimes, it doesn't have to be to anybody even.

By simply sitting down with yourself and figuring things out, you’ll get several writing ideas that somebody might consider a gem. …

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The only writing course you should buy is the one that encourages you to write more. Because the secret of writing reveals itself to you when you spend time writing

A great writer's great indicator is how often he/she is willing to sit by their screen and type out words.

You’re wasting your time if all you do is look through self-help books and follow all the writing gurus hoping you can get the secrets of becoming the next best things without actually putting in the work of writing every day.

Writing every day is the only tool needed to become a good writer. Do this, then follow it up with reading books (anything at all), and after a year, you would be surprised at your growth.

Thank you for reading

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I’ll show you how

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Writing is a great communication tool. We’re all writers, and while it might not be so obvious, we’re all writers, and I’ll show you how.

Have you sent any texts today? That is written anything on social media. The truth is we’re all writers, but we feel like we’re not good enough writers because we don’t know how to write those long articles and essays that the so-called writers publish here and there; we feel like we don’t have anything to say. So we don’t tag ourselves as writers.

But let’s say you’re placed in a group chat, and there’s an interesting topic going on, and everyone is sending memes and saying all sorts. And it feels like the conversation should never end. You’re sending your texts, and people are replying, and it feels amazing. …

How you can do it easily

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How do you attract high-value people? For a relationship, business, whatever, they all have the same rule: Be high value yourself.

Almost every day, I get proposals from freelancers who say they want to work for me, and many times, I like to see if they’re good because I like to have the best talent on my team. Because your brand is only as good as the people, you have on your team.

So, I’m always open to bringing in new people. But when I get their samples, I get disappointed because of the quality.

In my newsletter, I always tell my subscribers about the importance of having a portfolio website with few testimonials and a blog that shows their potential clients the crafts' quality. …

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